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Question of Power Mentorship Program

Workshops ~ 2019

Ready to take your photography to the next level or into the sky?


Mentorships are designed to assist in the development of specific photographic projects or to expand one's photography skills.   Sessions are conveniently offered through distance learning or on location in New Mexico.  All fees are tax deductible and help support our Greater Chaco Landscape Project through Naamenhnay, Inc. a 501(c3) non-profit foundation.


Drone Photography and Cinematography on location in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Learn flight fundamentals and the creative techniques and tools to produce stunning aerial photographs and video.

Suggested donation: $850.00 per day


Portfolio / Website Review with one hour SKYPE consultation.

Suggested donation:  $325.00


Private one-on-one photography sessions in New Mexico.

Suggestion donation:  $850.00 per day


Distance Learning Mentorship Program includes developing long-term projects, website concepts, and advancing specific photography skills.  Distance learning mentorships are based on four one-hour SKYPE sessions over three months with assignments designed to meet your personal photographic goals.

Suggested donation:  $1425.00


To discuss and plan your mentorship contact Carlan.

"Thank you Carlan for a wonderful experience.  You have a special gift for sharing combined with your creative and warm spirit.  I have been home a week, but a big part of me is still in New Mexico."

Greater Chaco Landscape

April 9 - 13, 2019 - Naamehnay Project, Inc.



Chaco Culture National Historical Park, located in northwest New Mexico, is arguably the most significant ancient cultural site in the United States.  Between AD 600 and 1260 Chaco Canyon was a major hub for the Ancient Pueblo People.  The canyon contains the remnants of great houses, kivas, roads, gridded gardens and irrigation systems built by a people who were proficient in astronomy, architecture, agriculture and the arts.  This workshop presents a rare opportunity to explore and photograph Chaco Canyon’s great architectural and cultural heritage.  You’ll walk on ancient roads and through buildings placed and designed by the cycles of the moon and sun, and by the Chacoan’s amazing innate grasp of engineering parallel to today’s technology.  The workshop will also focus on the breathtaking surrounding areas known as the Greater Chaco Landscape.  This includes Angel Peak Badlands and Ah-Shi-Sle-Pha, two areas known for its unusual geological landforms found only in the Four Corners Region of New Mexico. More Information


Portraits of the American Southwest

July 7 - 12, 2019 - Santa Fe Photographic Workshops


Document the faces and characters of New Mexico: cowboys, artists, musicians, fifth generation Spanish families, and independent souls. More Information


Through the Lens: A Cultural Journey of Northern New Mexico

October 7 - 11, 2019 - Santa Fe Photographic Workshops


This workshop explores authentic Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, with its storied past and its current-day allure.   A host of local storytellers, historians, artists, scholars, and writers  join us to enhance our photographic journey.

More Information