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Question of Power Mentorship Program

Ready to take your photography to the next level or into the sky?


Mentorships are designed to assist in the development of specific photographic projects or to expand one's photography skills.   Sessions are conveniently offered through distance learning or on location in New Mexico.  All fees are tax deductible and help support our Greater Chaco Landscape Project through Naamenhnay, Inc. a 501(c3) non-profit foundation.


Drone Photography and Cinematography on location in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Learn flight fundamentals and the creative techniques and tools to produce stunning aerial photographs and video.

Suggested donation: $850.00 per day


Portfolio / Website Review with one hour SKYPE consultation.

Suggested donation:  $325.00


Private one-on-one photography sessions in New Mexico.

Suggestion donation:  $850.00 per day


Distance Learning Mentorship Program includes developing long-term projects, website concepts, and advancing specific photography skills.  Distance learning mentorships are based on four one-hour SKYPE sessions over three months with assignments designed to meet your personal photographic goals.

Suggested donation:  $1425.00


To discuss and plan your mentorship contact Carlan.

"Thank you Carlan for a wonderful experience.  You have a special gift for sharing combined with your creative and warm spirit.  I have been home a week, but a big part of me is still in New Mexico."

Workshops ~ 2020

Ancient Wilderness

April 21 - 25, 2020 - Naamehnay Project, Inc.

The San Juan Basin in northwest New Mexico is home to some of the last untouched wilderness areas in North America.  To be there is to step back in time 70 million years when an inland sea once covered much of New Mexico.  After the sea receded it left behind large buildups of organic material that prehistoric creatures survived on until their extinction.  Dinosaur and sea life skeletal remains can still be found here.  Then around 10,000 BC humans began to occupy the basin.  The area also contains numerous Chacoan outliers and part of the Great North Road that once connected those ancient sites as far south as Mexico and as far north as Colorado.


This four-day workshop will explore three remote, untouched wilderness areas unique only to New Mexico.  You’ll walk through canyons made up of multi-colored sedimentary layers of sandstone, mudstone, shale and coal.  Amongst the canyons are pillars and hoodoos carved out by millions of years of erosion—truly Mother Nature at her best.  The ancient sites you’ll be photographing are Bisti/De-Na-Zin, Ah-Shi-Sle-Pha and Valley Of Dreams.  The Federal Wilderness Act protects the first two; Valley Of Dreams, however, still remains unprotected.  It’s managed by the BLM and recently has become vulnerable to Industry development.  Your participation in this workshop enables us to continue our work documenting New Mexico’s many unspoiled treasures such as Valley Of Dreams.

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Expressive Black and White Landscape with Printing

March 22 - 27, 2020 - Santa Fe Photographic Workshops


Landscape photography is formed by the point of view of the photographer; it is a spiritual experience, the reflection of a culture. Historically, the great masters of black-and-white landscape used large-format cameras and traditional film processes. Advances in digital technology have opened new opportunities for photographers who wish to explore the aesthetic and technical aspects of digital black-and-white landscapes.

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